The world is a big and beautiful place. We have been fortunate enough to see some parts of it. On our travels we have been stunned by the differences between countries - and yet by how much similar they are in many ways. One thing we find amazing is that despite the vast differences between cultures, deep down we all have very similar feelings and thoughts. We find it fascinating how in every corner of the world throughout the ages rulers have built empires. Also, we find it beautiful that despite the differences in landscapes and climates, people go about their daily lives in very much the same way as we do over here. We are all the same and yet so different.

Seeing how different things are has made us become appreciative to have grown up in Holland. Appreciative of all the things you can do here. Of the happy and forward thinking culture. Of how beautiful it is - from the historical cities to the countryside with its beautiful rivers and lakes to the seaside. And we appreciate how extraordinary our history is - and we're reminded of that every time we go into the city.

Despite this fondness of Holland we have never lost our passion for traveling. As we continue to visit new countries, we often come across things that do not immediately make sense to us. How come that some of the freedoms and rights we take for granted, are not self-evident in many other countries? Why do they find certain things about our culture hard to understand or even unappealing? We feel that talking to locals is the best way to truly understand countries.

Then we asked ourselves: why don’t we offer the same thing to people visiting our country? It is such a nice experience to share your world with people from around the world.