Jenever - a typically Dutch drink

Do you like your Gin & Tonic? In recent years this has become a favorite of many.

Did you know that gin is actually an imitation of the Dutch drink called jenever (pronounced: yuh-nay-vurr). The Dutch version has been produced since the 13th century. It had become a popluar drink among the Dutch elites by the early 1500s. In the late 16th century, the Low Countries started to revolt against Spain, of which they were part at the time. A few decades later, the English started a war of their own against the Spanish. This ultimately led in the Dutch ruler at the time, William of Orange, to become king of England as well.

That is how the English got to know Jenever. When the two countries went their own ways again, the English tried to replicate this Dutch drink. That drink became known as gin.

If you want to try out jenever, you can do so at many bars. There are also bars that specialize in the drink. If you go there, you can choose between a jonge (young) jenever, oude (old) jenever or korenwijn.